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Living on Love some more

You will be better equipped to understand this entry if you’ve read “Living on Love – The Messenger” (earlier post) but if you haven’t by all means read on.

After reading the book I made a decision to try to live it and for the very first time I gave it my all, and I have to tell you that the transformation I have seen in less than a week is truly a miracle.
I have seen only happy and friendly people, whereas before I would encounter my share of complainers, miserable people, and the kind of people you think is there only to make your life a misery.
They have all vanished! I haven’t seen any of them since I started reading the book. Instead I experience people smiling at me in the street, which happened very rarely before. One of the girls in my supermarket, who seemed unhappy most of the time and who very rarely gave you a smile, even though I tried to be nice to her every time, now smiles at me every time and what I found even stranger is the fact that she has started to ask questions about me and my life!

The question is, I suppose, how did that happen so suddenly? Well, the answer, or my answer to that question is that it had already happened but I just wasn’t on that path yet. I know that may seem a little vague and may be difficult to grasp, it was for me up until I read the book, but now it makes perfect sense to me. As far as the instructions in the book are concerned I haven’t yet perfected it nor have I practised it very much, but I decided that while I am learning it, I will try to send love and radiate love to everyone I meet every day in whatever way I can think of and I believe, that is the reason why have seen this massive change in the way people respond to me.
I realise that to some this may sound like a lot of work but I can assure you it really is not.
All I have been doing is very simple and easy and it makes me feel wonderful. Whenever I see someone in the street, or I sit in front of one of my clients or whoever I encounter, I simply look at them and,
in my mind say “Bless You” or “Peace be with You” or “Have a wonderful day” or pretty much whatever comes to mind, but it’s the way that I feel when I say it; I genuinely mean the words that I say no matter who it is. Now, this can be someone cycling on the pavement (sidewalk if you are in the US) which used to really piss me off before, or it could be someone pushing in, in front of you in a queue, it doesn’t really matter, I will look at them and in my mind say it with the same intensity and feeling that I would with the most beautiful girl in the street.
I know it may sound a little far fetched and if that is your belief then that is ok with me.

I think I came across these books at exactly the right time in my life and it has strengthened my faith in everything that I have learned so far as well as my faith in the Universe and my understanding of how it works.

I will wrap this up by saying that I am enjoying a day off work.
Have a wonderful day


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