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Keep Learning – Keep Writing – Keep Going

I have just spent the past 2 hours reading through one of my personal journals “Letters to a Friend”, and I did that for a couple of reasons, one being that, maybe I might just learn something from what I have written and also it gave me a real sense of how far I have come on my journey.

Not only does it show me how far I have come but more importantly I have realised that I keep getting closer to what I really want in life and what my passion is.
Best of all, it has proved to me how important it is for me to write stuff down, which I never did before for various reasons, but when I read my old journals I realise that in the beginning I was all over the place trying out so many different books/courses – you name it but at the same time not really trying them at all.

Now I spend more time on each approach/book/subject. I still tend to do more than just one at a time but not as much as I used to.

For the past week I have purely been working on the “Living on Love” books and even though I bought another book online on Friday (I will review it when I have finished it) I haven’t even unzipped the package yet which has tested my willpower a bit. It just didn’t feel right to divert my attention from “Living on Love
What was my point of this entry? Oh yes! Write stuff down in whatever format you feel comfortable with. Write a poem, write a song, write a journal/diary, record it or whatever way you can think of but do it because I promise you, not only will you learn from it, but you will have absolute proof that you are growing and moving in the right direction.
Write in whatever format works for you. The last journal I wrote, I decided to write as letters to a friend, who actually is a real friend and, who, to this day has no idea about it. I have changed the format for my new journal simply because it didn’t feel right for me to carry on in that format, so now it’s “Notes to the Universe”, which just feels right at this time.

The other thing is, and this is what stopped me from writing a journal before, that in my head I had created this rule that I had to write every single day about everything that happened during that day. I am not sure exactly when or how I got that linked up in my head, because it’s pure rubbish! There are no rules on how you choose to write or record your journal. You do it whenever you feel like it. I don’t always write every day, sometimes I can go weeks without writing, sometimes I write twice a day. It doesn’t matter! I write when I feel like writing and I write about whatever I feel like writing, it is not meant for anybody else to read, which means you can be 100% honest with yourself and you can write whatever you want regardless of what your friends, family or society in general may think. There is no right or wrong, there is only your thoughts.

Bless you all



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