Journey of Life

the place formerly known as control your destiny


Am I the only one that at times just can’t seem to snap myself out of the feeling that nothing is working and the feeling that I sometimes get where I really cannot get myself to do anything? I guess I am not, but if I am then hey read no further!!

I used to get those feelings a lot in the past, where I would be extremely bored but couldn’t find a way out of it or find a way of changing that feeling.

I would sit for a whole day and complain about the stuff on telly (or the lack of!) but still, finding the energy and motivation to switch it off and do something that would change that state of mind was impossible for me! It seemed easier to just carry on complaining.

I am pleased to announce that the above example is a thing of the past! I still do get the feeling now and again, but luckily I have various ways of getting myself out of that state pretty quickly and the video below is a perfect example of how.


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