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Monthly Archives: March 2008


Sometimes I spend time reflecting on where I am in life and try to establish if I have actually accomplished anything at all.

Mostly I do this just to get an idea of whether or not I am actually going in the right direction. Sometimes I do it when I feel the need for approval and sometimes when I feel proud of something I have achieved.

It makes me feel better to, I guess in a way, I compare my state of being now to how it used to be, and pretty much every time I do this I end up feeling better and proud of how far I have actually come. More importantly it shows me that what I am doing is working and it proves to me that my emotional guidance system is working.

Even the way I accomplish tasks at work has completely transformed in the past 12 months and my confidence is at a higher level that I have ever experienced, which proves that I am doing something right. Does it mean that I can lean back and relax now? No I don’t think so, because I believe I have only just scratched the surface. I have only just started to get some understanding and clarity into what I am doing and why I am doing it.

My naive understanding of “The Law of Attraction” or whatever you choose to call it was along the lines of; well, just decide what you want and then the Universe will make sure that you get it, you don’t even have to work out how it’s gonna come about. I quite liked that! It sounded easy to me and I read a book about “Cosmic Ordering” which confirmed to me that you, just in your mind phone up the universal mail order catalogue and order whatever you want and it will be delivered.

Is it really as simple as this? There’s a part of me that think it is but at the same time there are doubts around that, and I guess because out of all the books I have read and all the audio programs I have followed, approximately half of them tell you to simply tell the universe what you want and then forget about it until it arrives and the other half tell you to take daily action. That confused me terribly for a long time and still does sometimes because there is truth in both concepts and I think that ultimately there really is one concept but because of the vast amount of information available around this subject it is sometimes hard to decipher what is of real value.

Let’s look at “The Secret” as an example. I am not sure exactly what Rhonda Byrne’s aim or objective was with that project. If it was to get people to want to learn more about the “Law of Attraction” then she accomplished that really well. If she wanted people to fully understand how it works and how it is applied then I think it left some to be desired, at least form my perspective. I am not trying to discourage anyone from buying or reading the book or watching the DVD because it did have a very positive impact on me. I have not yet seen the Movie, but I read the book 3 times and the one thing that really made sense to me was the pages about gratitude and how to be grateful for all the good things in your life and that alone has changed my life tremendously. What it also did was open other doors for me, in other words it made me search for more information and led me down the path of Jerry & Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham, which I will get ino in more detail at another time. It also made me find Klaus Joehle & His Living on Love books which has had a bigger impact on my life than “The Secret”, However, what I really want from all of these self improvement books/courses etc is a simple step by step uide on how to actually do it

Even when you read all these things I guess there are different ways of going about it in the sense that I used to just read and not actually go through the exercises thinking that I would just read through it and then revisit it, but usually the revisiting part never happened.

I was happy to be the observer of people accomplishing wonderful things and I could easily feel happy for them and at the same time wish I could accomplish the things I wanted, but now I realise I was seeing it from a point where I did not believe I could do it.
It is not until I think back on where I was that I realise that I have moved forward and thinking back and reflecting on my life has become a very important thing to do simply because it confirms that what I am doing is right and when I somehow get off the path reflction gently steers me back to path.

Keep going


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