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A Letter to a Friend

Dear Lola,

I am so grateful to you for listening today. I don’t know why I opened up to you, because it seems to be such a huge step outside my comfort zone to open up to anyone I know. What am I afraid of?

When you asked if you could read my blog  I was so tempted to just let you  read away but at the same time I was worried that if I did, I would stop writing. It is as if the anonymousity of writing here has taught me complete honesty with myself.

I was feeling rather anxious all morning before I called you. I think that spending all day yesterday, writing and having to deal with what came out, left me somewhat worn out.

Having become so used to always being the “listener” it was quite an unnerving experience to be the one talking for a change and the anxiety was there throughout. Afterwards, however, this sudden feeling of relief came over me and I think that the act of opening up (A massive risk in my world) was exactly what gave me this feeling of relief.

Your kind act of listening made me realise that it is sometimes safe to let people in.

With love and gratitude



2 responses to “A Letter to a Friend

  1. shiona February 24, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Sincere and touching…

    You are definitely some steps ahead of me. I have not reached the stage when I’ll be comfortable with letting someone I know into my world. I know exactly how you feel, though.
    Your friend should love you much more than before.

    Look after yourself.

  2. J February 25, 2009 at 7:20 am

    Hi Shiona,

    I have not reached that stage either, but the temptation is there sometimes. I need to understand whether or not the temptation is fuelled by a hope of approval before I let some of my world in.

    May you always be blessed with joy and happiness.

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