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Adalgisa Akeman thought you might be interested in this link

This is the title of an email I received yesterday and I have no idea who this person is, but he/she obviously felt compelled to email me with some kind of offer that is simply too good to turn down. His/Her email address is: and in case you feel like getting in touch!!

This is the email:

Congratulations.You have just taken the
first step toward a new life!

I am not an Internet guru, just a real person with real
answers to real problems.

What I do is very simple. I teach you how to reach into
the system and generate $500, $1,000, $1,500, or more every
day of the year. The amount and the frequency is up to you. (My curiosity go the better of me so I clicked the link and this is what I got:)

This is not done with smoke and mirrors. This is real.
You have just come to one of the few places on the web where
you are going to receive REAL HELP for your financial future. (This will take you to the main sales page of which this person has obviously signed up as an affiliate and then just fired off a load of emails.)

To your Success,
Adalgisa Akeman

I could have just deleted it and added it to my spam filter, but I didn’t. Instead I decided to reply to his email with a few questions;

Dear Adalgisa Akeman,

You seem to know more about me than I do, especially around the first step I have taken towards a new life ( at least according to you… but then again you are the one with the  REAL answers!!)

I, however, have never heard of you and I am very confident that I would remember a name like yours. I have never signed up for anything you have to offer, nor have I taken any steps towards your version of a new life!!!!

I would be most grateful if you would be kind enough to define for me  exactly what “real” problems are and what your “real” answers may entail. Do you charge per answer or do you have some kind of package deal??

I am of a curious nature and clicked the first link, which flagged up the following warning: The content of this web page appears to contain spam, or links to unsolicited or undesired sites. Would you be able to shed some light on that??

You say that what you do is very simple, but obviously something went wrong along the way for me to land on a warning page which made me think that perhaps you could focus your “REAL” answers on sorting out your own technical/scam/spam problems before you offer your services to “REAL” People!!!

That said I was delighted to learn that what you “teach” is easy and that all I have to do is “reach” into the system… or would I be more accurate in saying “reaching into my pocket” to buy your “system”??? Which of course, as you say, isn’t done with smoke and mirrors!! Of course it isn’t!! This is completely transparent

It doesnt matter because as you said, your place is the one place on the web that offers REAL HELP!!!

One question though;

If you have really had this overwhelming response, then why the need to email me about it?? You must be so busy “HELPING” or are you?? You were going to offer it to only 3 more people yesterday due to the “overwhelming” response. I have checked it again today and it appears that this “overwhelming” response has somewhat disappeared as you are still offering it to 3 more participants!!! What happened???

Due to your overwhelming response, I feel that I would be doing you a service by declining your offer of  REAL HELP to REAL problems and to save you some time, while dealing with you overwhelming response, please stop emailing me… I only have “WRONG” problems!!!!

To Your Success…..or…whatever…..


6 responses to “Adalgisa Akeman thought you might be interested in this link

  1. viv66 January 21, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Did you really send that email back? If you did, I think your email inbox is going to be flooded soon!!
    I do wonder if this is the equivalent of the Nigerian bank spam…

  2. enreal January 21, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    You are too funny J… how do these things find you??? good luck on your inbox

    • J January 21, 2010 at 5:54 pm

      I don’t know how these things find me..maybe it’s the law of attraction at work (sarcasm at work here). I suppose I really ought to send a thank you email for the inspiration to write the post 🙂

  3. shiona January 22, 2010 at 7:46 am

    I often receive messages signed with different names but the contents are very similar. The author of the email always has some striking story to tell of someone in their office who died accidentally and a few days later a huge amount of money was found in their drawer. Now the money belongs to no one because the deceased person was all alone in this world, the poor guy, no relatives, no friends, no children. So the author of the email assumed he/she could have the money, but there is some serious problem utilizing it (I never bother to read the explanation in detail) due to government matters. Therefore he/she suggests some complicated scheme of me getting involved in the entire thing. I am supposed to receive the money in the form of inheritance from a rich relative abroad and then share it with the generous sender of the message, who picked me up of all people for some reasons unknown. At this point I always get impatient and delete the message.
    I can’t help wondering who the hell would believe such far-fetched stories and what kind of an appalling fraud this is.

    • J January 22, 2010 at 11:30 pm

      I get these type of emails from time to time. They usually end up in my spam folder but now and again one slips through. It’s a sad fact but a lot of people seem to fall for these scams and as long as they do the scams will continue…

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